Friday, October 31

Vote for God

I've posed this question on a number of forums and it is met with complete, unadulterated silence. Post about Obama's economic plan and you'll get a flood of responses. Mention Sarah Palin's latest outfit and again a storm of replies. But suggest "God for president" and you may get two or three sheepish replies and neither will seriously address the post.

Here's the suggestion in a nutshell:

...start a movement to write in GOD (of Abraham) for president.
All Christians and Jews should support it and since the majority
of both the Democrats and Republicans claim to be Christian or
Jewish, GOD should win easily. Even Muslims should be on-board
since Allah is a reference to the same GOD recognized by Abraham.
Both major candidates are men of faith so they should certainly
be willing to step aside for GOD. And if GOD won, we could finally,
truthfully say we are one nation under GOD with liberty and
justice FOR ALL
. And if GOD loses, we can finally stop the
pretense of being a righteous nation but keep doing things as we
always have. It's a win-win situation.

Think about it for a moment. According to, the US is nearly 77% Christian. Add in Jews and Muslim/Islamics and the percentage grows to nearly 80%. So GOD should carry the popular vote in a landslide.

The after-effects of GOD's 'win' shouldn't worry anyone of faith (and certainly cause some folks to find faith quickly). But a frightening question to consider is what would happen if GOD lost?

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