Friday, August 22

new music

If you're looking for some new tunes in the Nu-Jazz and Neo-Soul genre then check out Esperanza Spalding's self-titled release, Hil St Soul's Black Rose, and Layla Hathaway's Self Portrait.

Esperanza is a surprisingly good jazz album that also stretches into R&B/Soul. What makes it so surprising is that Spalding is only 24 years old. Many talented young artists seem to show their youth with questionable lyrical depth and tunes that are a bit too "jingly". But Esperanza is good from beginning to end. (8/10)
Esperanza Spalding's bio on International Music Network

Black Rose is the latest release from the UK's Hil St Soul and shows that the Neo-Soul genre isn't fading away but instead maturing. The album carefully balances groovy sounds and good lyrics with solid vocals. It might stand the best chance of any of her albums for some commercial success in the US. (8/10)
Interview with Hilary Mwelwa on Soulbounce

Lalah Hathaway's always had one of the smoothest voices and Self Portrait shows that she's just getting better as time goes by. This is definitely the most "grown-up" album of these three and if you still remember actually listening to original Quiet Storm you'll feel right at home with Lalah. (7/10)
Lalah's bio on Soul Tracks

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